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Lions, and Tigers, and RINOs, Oh My....

Living in Crook County IL, it should come as no surprise the amount of "Never-trumpers" and RINOs one would expect to see on a daily basis. But even within the Republican Party? To my dismay, it appears I am surrounded by those who would rather bow down to the dems, ensure they "stay ahead" of the dem narrative or a perceived threat of attack, by undermining efforts from within, just to scrape by with any tiny morsel left for their own egos and pride. Just click on the below attachments to see a letter written earlier this year to the Cook County GOP and the embarrassment of a response sent to me, which I now wear as a badge of honor knowing that I don't fit in to their little boys club. Can someone hold my cry towel...

Letter to Cook GOP_01.09.2023
Download PDF • 109KB

Response Letter from Cook GOP_03.11.2023
Download PDF • 249KB

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