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Moylan refuses to disavow Sandoval’s role in mock Trump assassination pics

by LGIS News Service, North Cook News

Rep. Martin J. Moylan (D-55) refused to join the call for state Sen. Martin Sandoval to step down over photos taken at a recent fundraiser for the Chicago Democrat showed guests pointing a gun at President Trump.

No Democrats in the Illinois General Assembly responded to a request for comment on the photos made by the North Cook News.

The Illinois Republican Party is calling for Sandoval to resign after photos of the mock assassination taken at his Aug. 16 MAS Havana Night Golf Clasico fundraiser were circulated online.

“It is inexcusable for a state senator’s event to promote violence against our president,” the group said in a blog posted to its website.

Sandoval has since apologized but remains in office.

District 55 covers all or parts of Des Plaines, Elk Grove Village and Park Ridge.

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