Survey Results ✅

Thank you for the overwhelming response to our "Stay at Home Extension Survey." For those who participated, forwarded or shared the survey on social media we especially want to say thank you! ROEGT will continue to do our best to seek the thoughts and opinions of our members to guide our organization.

Here are the results:

Q: Do you support Governor JB Pritzker's decision to extend the stay-at-home order to May 30?

Yes, I do: 28%

No, I don't: 71%

No Response: 1%

Q: Should taxpayers "bail out" poorly managed states like Illinois?

Yes: 3%

No: 74%

Perhaps, with oversight: 23%

Q: Do you support another "stimulus" package for Americans?

Yes: 51%

No: 46%

No Response: 3%

Q: Should Governor Pritzker take more direction from the federal government?

Yes: 72%

No: 23%

No Response: 5%

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