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Statement from Committeeman Nowak on today's events at the US Capitol

Today is a troublesome day for our country. Members of Congress told to shelter in place, gas masks being worn, citizens breaching the Capitol and sitting in the well of the Senate.

While we don’t always like the tactics of an election or its outcome, a peaceful transition of power is a process that has always been highly regarded, and one for which our country has always been leaders. And while we believe in healthy debate and disagreement, and while we believe in peaceful protests, what we witnessed today is very sad. A sad day for the process on which we pride ourselves, and a sad day in knowing what the rest of the world is thinking.

As your Republican Committeeman, and on behalf of your township organization, we do not condone the actions of those that sought these tactics. This is not who we are as Republicans fundamentally. Violence is never the answer, especially in our nations capitol.

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